Keeping IT Simple - Computer Services
Infrastructure Setup Services

Infrastructure Setup:

Whether you have two computers or two hundred devices, they need to communicate with each other. They way these devices communicate with each other can mean the difference between time wasted and money saved.

We can setup your network such that computers communicate with each other seamlessly to provide you with up to date information when you needed it yesterday.

Imagine you have multiple locations and don't want to invest in web based systems because it costs too much, we can work around that to provide you with what you need and the only cost is internet access which you already have!

Preventative Maintenance - Computer Services

Preventative Maintenance:

Some companies charge you separate for what we call routine checkups. We don't.

All the services below are included for one low monthly fee:

  • DVD backup of your files.
  • Cloud backup of your files.
  • Computer tune up, make it run a bit faster.
  • Virus Scanning, we pay for your licence.
  • IT support, we will call daily to ensure everything is up and running.
  • Quickbooks and Peachtree Support
  • Scam alerts telling you how to avoid the latest scams.

Avoid the down time. Downtime is not just when a computer is broken, imagine your employees sitting and waiting for programs to load.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation:

If you find yourself repeating the same tasks, over and over on a computer, we can automate it and reduce redundancy,

The computer is there to help make it easier for you to receive information. Don't be stuck typing the same things over and over. Don't let your employees waste time entering data into two separate places making everything complicated.

Let us help you automate.

Our services are wide ranged and not limited to only computers or accounting.