Emotional, Financial and Business Support

Emotional Business Support

A hug a day keeps the therapists away

I am big on ensuring that our family has the perfect balance of emotional and financial support. I hug my wife each day to ensure that she feels that emotional support from me and I definitely feel it from her. I also know that in a family, financial support (Bread-winning) is just as important.

A business is much like the family. You spend one third of your life around co workers and another one sixth of it traveling to spend that time. It should be worth the time!

I pride my self on the ability to make the workplace a comfortable one through the support services I provide.

Emotional Support provides the following benefits to your people:

Stress Impacts Business Continuity

Exposure to new environments, minor medical conditions or simply being too far from loved ones can impact your mobile workforce. These events trigger stress and anxiety. This can lead to distraction, business disruption or even something more serious.

Peace of Mind

In times of stress or anxiety, your workforce needs professional emotional support often at short notice and in their native language. Timely support can make the difference between controlling a situation and an event spiralling out of control. Easy access to services through a single point of contact help your people make the right decisions at a critical time.

Well-being: Wherever, Whenever

Our short term counselling support services assist your people with the psychological issues, wherever, whenever. Your mobile workforce will have their medical, safety and emotional needs addressed by a single incident manager, in a holistic way via a single assistance number.