Virus vs. Malware

Virus and safe browsing

Virus Common Places

A few days ago I got bored and went on the internet looking for a virus for my computer. Well it turns out they are easy to find. The most common places to find viruses are cracks for common software such as Microsoft office or even windows.

So I searched for MS Office Professional crack and found one that almost gave me a heart attack when I was trying to remove.

Got a Virus?

The first thing you should do when you have a virus is take to take the computer off the internet and network. You will avoid two things:

  • other computers getting the virus on your network.
  • Sending private information over the internet to other people if the virus is designed to do that.

Your first option is to remove the virus. You can do so by searching and downloading virus protection software online. My personal favorite is mcafee or avg. it is important to note that even if you scan your computer, the virus might still be there. Hence, I would recommend scanning with more than virus protection programs.

My second favorite that actually got this virus, and a few others, out is malwarebytes. Now it brings me to an important point. Mcafee did not pick up the virus I had, because it was a malware. A virus is a type of malware. It depends on the virus/malware protection software database that will define known types of infections.

Mcafee isn’t designed to remove the type of virus I had but malwarebytes was. So you might ask yourself, which is better. I’d still recommend multiple virus protection on your computer; anything except norton.

If you still feel like you are at risk then I’d recommend you format and reload windows on your computer.

Safe browsing