Acupay - Biometric/Fingerprint Time and Attendance / Payroll System

We use biometric devices from companies such as Acroprint, Fingertec, Anviz and will soon be using iris scanning to integrate into our time and attendance systems.

Acupay was established in 2008 with one aim: Provide an all inclusive program to process payroll, human resource management, and time / attendance.
Seven years after, we are:
The first to accomplish our goal of an all inclusive program.
The first to implement a biometric payroll system in Caribbean.
The first to link our system with FastPay payroll

What separates Acupay payroll suite from other systems?

Acupay vs. others payroll system

No system provides a complete time and attendance system and payroll system flexible enough to be delivered world wide.

Acupay is able to prepare statutory reports for any country.

All payroll reports are standard. However, companies payroll policies differ and Acupay system will be completely customized based on the policies of the company.

Acupay is built to be flexible enough to conquer any challenges.

Acupay is compatible with any device manufacturer such as Acroprint, FingerTec, and Anviz.

No other system offers complete human resource management. Acupay will offer people from outside the organization the opportunity to submit resumes, etc. Organizations can review these resumes and hire at no charge to neither organization nor employees.

Integrate Acupay to other applications.

AcuPay vs. Acroprint

Acroprint TimeQPlus system supports 125 employees and you pay to upgrade to 250 employees.

Acupay supports unlimited number of employees.

AcuPay vs. FingerTec

FingerTec’s TCMS software is built on back end of FoxPro. A quick Google search will show that FoxPro is not supported anymore. Hence, in a few years TCMS may phase out and FingerTec will have to obtain new software.

FingerTec’s TCMS software is limited, it only supports employees who clock in and out, a maximum of 4 times per day.

FingerTec’s TCMS software incorrectly assigns times in and out on midnight shift.

AcuPay vs. Uattend

Uattend devices NEED an to be connected to the internet in order to record time.

AcuPay devices do not need to be connected to the internet. The devices store the transactions until the software pulls the transactions off the devices.