About Me

Here is my entire history.

Originally from Guyana, South America

I grew up in South America and attended Mahaicony Secondary School. I was valedictorian for the graduating class of 2003.

From the year 2003 to 2004 I was a teacher of Mathematics to students age 12 to 16. During this time I was exposed to several key principles of human development. As one learns something, teach it to someone else. This way, one allows him/herself the challenge of learning something new.

From 2004 to 2007 I worked at an internal auditor for Mahaicony Rice Ltd, a company with three milling facilities and over 2,000 employees at peak. During this time I developed the Internal Audit Manual and supervised 4 audit clerks. I reported directly to the Board of Directors.

In 2007 I started working for a small water company, Jus Water, as Accountant. During this time I implemented systems of accounting. As the company grew, I started managing its daily operations. Through commitment towards growth, we were able to open 4 locations around and outside of Georgetown.

The rate of growth of my knowledge and experience exceeded the rate at which the company was growing. Hence, I started doing private accounting in 2008 for small businesses while continuing to manage Jus Water.

By 2010 I had about 5 clients for which I was doing accounting. My want for continued growth pushed me to start a small business. Acupay was started with the aim of providing biometric payroll systems for companies at an affordable price.

Currently the system is being used by over 15 clients and over 5,000 employees using Acupay Biometric System. The business is continuing in Guyana, including the single largest company there – Guyana Sugar Corporation.

Moved to the USA.

I moved to the United States in 2013. My first bookkeeping job was at Primo Coat Factory. It was closed due to bankruptcy which the company was in long before I started working there. I was responsible for getting enough money each week to cover payroll. I am proud to say that we never had returned checks for a cash requirement of sixty thousand dollars each week.

I am previously worked at Parlor Club NYC LLC. It is a private members club with restaurant and bar. When I started in April the schedule was to work clearing up the bookkeeping for year. It was expected that this would take about three months. I finished it in one month. There I prepared payroll using ADP, manage the bank account and provide the owners with information to help reduce costs.

I also worked for a non-profit organization, Audio Engineering Society. Here I manage their Quickbooks system and integrate it other systems we use such as bill.com. I prepare financial information and forecasting cash flows for directors and other managers. It is very easy to work in their comfortable environment.

I started writing Android Apps and proud to say that my app was downloaded almost 5,000 times! It helps students in the Caribbean prepare for their high school math exam. I expanded on the idea of delivering free lessons to students and created a Facebook page that has over 6,000 likes. I use Facebook live to deliver the lessons to students preparing for the exams. I recently partnered with www.pjaguar.com for them to start delivering the contents on the Facebook page.

My passion for continued personal growth and helping companies grow is still strong. Hence, I am pursuing a degree in computer science to reinforce the skills of building systems, database, and infrastructure to help small businesses make full use of available technologies.