Why choose Acupay

Here are a few reasons why Acupay is the choice for your company:

Agent of change – Guyana is now being introduced to such a suite where persons are identified by fingerprint hence there will be a mental block by users. Having recognized this, I have developed a personal approach to dealing with employees and change. So far, it works. Several years of experience in dealing with change, system implementation along with your team of management personnel can certainly implement this positive change.

Knowledge plus experience equal success - the computer is a device with unlimited capabilities and we under use it's power. While I say that it is powerful, it is also very stupid since it cannot think for it's self. Therefore it is up to the user of the computer to get as much out of it as possible. Acupay brings together knowledge in Management, Accounting, Payroll, Policies, Society, Law (contract and company), and the experience of incorporating that knowledge into the computer. Knowledge plus experience equals success.
We have developed our payroll system in 2005. We have been working with biometric systems since 2008. I think it is fair to say that we are the leaders in the department.

Commitment & Value Added – during and post system implementation your company will enjoy the benefit of having support for the system. We are 100% confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the value that we have added to your company. When you buy Acupay you are not just buying a time clock or software or database design you are buy the people behind Acupay. We add that personal touch.

The system changes for you, not you change for it - we recognize that employees are accustomed to seeing their payslip in a particular format. We know that if an employee sees a changed format of payslip he or she will have questions. Same goes for managers and the interface that they use. Hence, we do not change your reports, interface, terminology, jargon, or systems but instead we custom build the package to meet your current formats.