Payroll Service

posted Aug 8, 2013, 12:27 AM by Surendra Dhanpaul   [ updated Oct 31, 2015, 8:06 AM ]
Are you tired of tedious procedures involved in preparing payroll?
Do you have disputes about overtime, etc?

Acupay Biometric Suite is a complete payroll / Time and Attendance package powered by fingerprint, designed for Guyana and the Caribbean that meets all your payroll and human resource needs. The system can be customized to meet whatever country policies you are in.

Its as simple as this:
Employees clock in and out using their fingerprint, that's right - 
fingerprint, and everything else is calculated. Reports are also immediately available.

Pay periods
Letter to the bank (or online submission)
Customize your reports

NIS (online submission)
PAYE schedule

2A form
7b2 slip

These are just few of the reports that can be prepared by just the click of a button.

The main difference between Acupay system and other systems are as follows:

1. It uses fingerprint.
2. Secure. Customized user level security.
3. It can be customized to meet any policy.
4. Acupay does not simply buy and sell equipment. We make sure that the system works. 

Your first option is to install our complete package which includes: 
Biometric fingerprint reader / Hand Punch device (Biometric Time Clock)
Time and attendance software
Payroll database built in Microsoft Access / Oracle or SQL Server. 

The fingerprint reader is used to register each employee’s fingerprint into the suite. After registration is complete, the employees clocks in and out using the fingerprint reader.The time and attendance software stores and calculate the hours worked by employees. The time information is then ready to be used in the calculation employee’s wages. These facilitates up to 100 employees per device.

The easy to use database imports the time, calculate the wages for employees and provides the following information: pay slips, bank information, NIS information (electronic submission), PAYE schedule, leave entitlement forms, year end returns, and much more. Unlike other payroll software available, this database give you the ability to store unlimited number of employees.

Alternatively, if you have a payroll package which you are comfortable with I will seek to integrate the biometrics into that system.

Stop doing payroll manually.
Stop doing partially computerized payroll.
Switch to a fully computerized payroll system integrated with biometrics.