Pricing structure

Below is our NEW pricing structure for our services. These may change based on your business needs. Please contact us for a full quotation. 

 Item Cost (USD)
 Devices (per device) plus shipping 350  - 550
 Installation:  200
 Training Supervisor: 300
 Training Employees (per employee): 10
 Payroll Software: 1,000
 Time and Attendance (links to current payroll): 1,000
 Software Customization: 500
 Fixed cost all inclusive: 2,000
 Outsourced payroll processing (per employee per pay period - monthly) includes free devices: 5
 Outsourced payroll processing (per employee per pay period - weekly)  includes free devices: 1

All items are independent of each other, meaning you can purchase the devices without having to buy any other item. However, this way you will be taking on the responsibility of ensuring success of your project.

If you take the time and attendance system and have a current payroll system, we will include a link to that payroll, free of charge.

The processing times for payroll via outsourced option is two (2 days) .

Free Magic Jack for all clients purchases over $1,500.