The road to success

In 2004 I started working on a project at Mahaicony Rice Ltd. I wanted to be able to tell the General Manager who he had working and where, just by clicking buttons. The company had over 1000 employees and I was determined to build around this concept.

My first attempt was terrible! Enough said. I did not achieve my goal during the two years trying. However, I did learn one rule: KISS. Keep It Simple Silly.

At University I continued working around this concept to build an all inclusive payroll package. I did one course in MS Access and that was all I need to push my project forward. In my spare time, at the corner of the room, I worked. Trial and error, one after another.

Eureka! I’ve done it. After 5 years of working on the project, I have achieved my initial goal—To build an all in one payroll and human resource package that will twist and bend to meet any organization’s need.

In the sixth year of pushing my self, I have successfully integrated Biometrics into the suite. Now, we are offering this product that has taken years and years to perfect to you at minimal cost.

This is not the end. I am always trying to find some new way to improve the product. Sometime in the future, I should be able to integrate the product with two of the most popular accounting programs: QuickBooks and Peachtree. Furthermore, the system is designed to adapt to other Caribbean territories. So if you are the owner / director or manager of a an MNC, do not think for one second that all your payroll procedures cannot be standardized - it can.

Update: May 2012

I have successfully integrated the payroll package with QuickBooks.

Update: March 23, 2013

I have successfully integrated the payroll package with Peachtree.

I am the authorized dealer of the Biometric devices that I use in this package.