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Trinidad & Tobago

 Trinidad and Tobago! Welcome to Acupay Biometric Payroll. 

Under your Income Tax Act 75:01 employers are required to deduct and remit P.A.Y.E. as a means of splitting the individual's tax into installments. 

Under the National Insurance Act 32:01 employers are required to pay 2/3 of the (as of 2012) 11.4% of pay for employees between age 16 and 65. Under 16 and over 65 is referred to as Class Z. 

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In addition to these statutory deductions there are other policies that your company may use to arrive at an employee's net pay. We at Acupay automate those policies using the most secure data collection method, fingerprints. All the employee has to do is clock in and out using the fingerprint and your payroll is processed.