Class 2003 reunion

Fellow students of Mahaicony Secondary School. I am happy that you here to submit your contact information.

We are planning to hold a reunion event sometime late June 2014. The specific date has not been agreed upon. In the meantime, we are collecting contact information. This information will be used to update you with the progress of the reunion plans.

So far, we have the following tasks ahead:
1. Reach and connect - need to contact as many people as possible from school.
2. Invitation - I'm not good with art work. SI Shopper-Unlocker can you draft an invitation. Leave the 
venue, date open. (Clinton, see number 15 as well) 
3. Check out venue options.
4. Check out caterers 
5. Price beverages
6. DJ and Music.
7. Theme
8. Design, decoration, layout. 
9. Print T-shirts
10. Photos for then and now.
11. Activity listing, some things we may have such as greetings and speech
12. Reach and connect to teacher who will be invited.
13. Decide on a gift for the school
14. Accommodation for persons who need. We can get to this as we reach and connect. 
15. Photographer. Mark Words Worth you get Kamar for this.