Biometric FAQ's

Q. What is Biometric?
A. Biometric is the term used to describe the identification of persons based on their physical characteristics.

Q. What are the different kinds of biometrics?
A. Common methods of biometrics systems include: Hand geometry, Fingerprint, Voice, Face geometry, Iris (eye) scanning. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages making it suitable for different types of applications. In our time recording system, we use fingerprint scanning.

Q. Are there any health hazards related to biometric systems?
A. No. Biometric systems have been in use for many years and since it's creation there were no reported health issues.

Q. Okay, here is a question that almost all employers and employees ask: Can someone copy my fingerprint and implicate me in a fraud?
A. No. The device takes points on the finger and runs an algorithm or a very long mathematical calculation to arrive at an answer. This answer is cross checked against the answers stored in the enrollment process. The closest match is the correct user. NO ACTUAL PRINT IS TAKEN.

Q. How does the Fingerprint biometric system work?
A. When an employee is first enrolled in a fingerprint-based biometric time and attendance system, the software records a template of the employee's fingerprint and associates that template with the employee's ID number. This template measures the relationship between various points in the fingerprint.
Each time the employee attempts to clock in or out, the time and attendance software verifies that the newly scanned fingerprint matches the template originally stored for that ID number. If there is a match, the punch is recorded. (source:

Q. What if an employee is having problems signing in and out?
A. Register more than one fingers for that employee. TQ600 has the ability to record more than one fingerprint templates.

Q. What if an employee forgets to clock in?
A. Time insertion is available. Only the Administrator can insert time.

Q. What if an employee clocks in twice?
A. Time deletion is available. Only the Administrator can insert time.

Q. What are some of the advantages of using fingerprint biometric in time attendance?
A. 1. Eliminate "buddy punching". Buddy punching occurs when an employee enters the time information on behalf of another employee. With the fingerprint system installed, there will be NO BUDDY PUNCHING.
2. If a company uses badges with encrypted data to identify employees, you don't have to worry about them loosing it and the c0st associated with getting for new employees
3. On time every time. Now you monitor more accurately the arrival time of your employees to work, remember 5 minutes late can be more detrimental to your business than you think.