The company has multiple locations:
Across the State / Province
Across the Country
Across the Continent
Across the world.

Well, we at Acupay have the perfect solution: An in-house cloud based system
The diagram about is pretty much self explanatory. If you have multiple locations, our system can utilize the existing internet connection to allow users information being pulled into a single database. 

This database can be setup in-house where it's stored on the company's server. 

Cost benefit: 
If you have over 1000 employees then the cost of hosting this with another provider is well over $1000 per month. At Acupay, we are willing to setup the system for a one time setup fee and offer monthly checkup for as low as $200 per month. 

Security benefits:
Why trust another company with your data on their servers? You have an IT department that works day and night to secure your other data, use that infrastructure to host your payroll data.

Customization benefit:
We can customize all the reports you need from the system to meet your specifications.