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How to buy Biometric System

posted Jul 29, 2013, 7:43 PM by Surendra Dhanpaul   [ updated Sep 22, 2016, 5:52 AM by Surendra Dhanpaul ]
So you are considering to buy a biometric time and attendance / payroll system. You heard about finigerprint devices and how they can make your work easier while saving you money. Well you heard right. In this article, I am basically making the decision for you.

All biometric devices do the same thing: match the physical characteristics of an individual to a number (pin).

My three personal favourite device manufacturers are:

Each of these offer excellent devices for any industry. They are strong, have excellent false rejection and acceptance rates, use battery back-up, 

  Acroprint   FingerTec Anviz
 False Rejection Low Low Low
 False Acceptance Low     Low  Low 
 Battery Life 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs
 Will loose data in even of power loss No No No
 Recognition time < 1sec < 1sec < 1sec
 Fingerprint device Yes Yes Yes
 Face device Yes Yes Yes
 Network ready (TCP/IP) Yes Yes Yes
 DST Yes Yes Yes
 Strength Strong Strong Strong
 Software backend SQL Server Foxpro Ms Access
 Multiuser software Yes No No
 Database design Excellent Good Good
 Stores data on clock Yes Yes Yes

From above, you might say, they all look the same! Well that's my point exactly. So whats the difference? My analysis:

Number of employees:
     < 30            Anviz
  30 - 75           Anviz / Acroprint
75 - 250           Acroprint
   > 250           FingerTec

Fingertec has lower end models that you can use if you have less than 250 employees but Acroprint software structure is the best and most robust while Anviz is the cheapest.

Which biometric verification method should I use: 
First choice -           Fingerprint
Second choice -      Face
In the even that you employees jobs causes the fingerprints to get distorted, facial recognition is advisable. However, if one or two employees have problems with their fingerprints then you can simply use the password option for those employees.

When you are finished purchasing your device, let us help you set it up. This is the most difficult part. Our system uses any of device as the input.

Better yet, purchase from us!