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Adpetec Setup

posted Nov 16, 2014, 3:18 AM by Surendra Dhanpaul   [ updated Oct 31, 2015, 8:12 AM ]
Fingertec Adaptec Plus and AC 900

I did my first security door lock system for GINA. It was one heck of an installation... At the end of it all, it wasn't so bad of an installation. When I reflect on the basic concept of it, there's nothing wrong.

Here are a few things I learned on this installation: 
  • A Pull door is better than a push door. With a pull door, the Electromagnetic (EM) lock is located on the inside of the building. It is still secure on the outside but it is better secured on the inside.
  • The lock and the plate of the door must touch.
  • The lock is better placed at the top of the door facing the door such that when the door closes the lock ad the plate touches. 
  • You can use CAT 5 network cables for the installation. 
This is a list of all the items you need:
EM Lock
AC 900 terminal
12 volt battery
Adaptec plus
Emergency break glass / Fire exit switch
Exit switch / release button
Key switch

Below is a wiring setup of the installation: